Vim for the win

Around a month ago I started to use Wim as my primary code editing environment / text editor (I wouldn't call it in IDE).

After the kind of steep learning curve during the first two weeks and around two more weeks coding with it in around the same speed as in my old IDE, I think I got faster with it now. The most used commands became somehow part of my muscle memory, for some commands I still find myself sitting in from of my keyboard and thinking "What was that again?". Thanks to one of my colleagues I got to know a bunch of common plugins and tweaked my config.

Though I must say: it was a hard journey. When I started and especially after deactivating the arrow keys (to use hjkl instead), I often felt the urge to move back to what I am used to. Luckily I forced myself into it. Now "ciw" is my best friend and I even use ":w" in other editors or environments. :)

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