1 hour and 20 minutes

That is around the time I am taking right now from my apartment in Luo Hu District, Shenzhen to my work in Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong. Usually I take slighlty longer though, but that would be the optimum. Here the steps:

  • 10 minutes walk to the border
  • 10 minutes border crossing (its really fast when you are a Hong Kong Resident and I don't even have the HKID yet)
  • 5 minutes waiting for the train to go
  • 35 minutes taking the East Rail Line from LoWu to Kowloon Tong
  • 5 minutes line change in Kowloon Tong to the Kwun Tong Line
  • 10 minutes to Kowloon Bay
  • 5-10 minutes to the office via Express bus. Sometimes need to line up for the elevator longer, sometimes there are more people in the MTR station so walking is slow.


For everybody who is wondering why I am suddenly work in Hong Kong: I changed my location and with it my job. The company I am working for now is Accedo Broadband Ltd.. I am still keeping some contact to my old company in Beijing though. Since my girlfriend can't enter Hong Kong so easily we decided to live in Shenzhen and for the moment this works quite well. The time to the office is of course longer than I was used to in Beijing (esspecially with the E-Scooter), though I feel more comfortable with it than standing 20 minutes within a bus in Beijing's traffic jam.

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