Google I/O 2012 - Sessions I am looking forward to

Google I/O is probably the best Developer conference each year when it comes to new technologies in the web. Since I am in China, I am most likely not able to see the live streams of the conference, but will definitely check out the recordings afterwards.

Apart for the keynote the following are a must to check out for me:



Google TV


Hope I have enough time to enjoy these.

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New domain + CSS3 updates

I changed the domain to The very few people which are still watching the this blog on the old domain should change now. Soon this will not be reachable there anymore.

Additionaly I added some awsome HTML5/CSS3 features to the site. The background gradient is made with CSS3 + all input and textarea form elements are adjusted with box-shadow, gradient and rounded corners. Can't wait until this is becoming the standard for the web. Not supported here are IE's for that matter. So who want to watch the site with everything it got should use a modern web browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, IE9+).

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