Google is awesome

I think most people agree with me in that: Google is an awesome company with a great philosophy.

And yes, sometimes Google's actions seem a little questionable, like acquiring Motorola Mobile recently or seeming to do a total monitoring of our search behaviour. Though I am sure of it and the past did show that: Google just have good intentions!

Without Google the internet wouldn't be like it is today, the world would not be like it is today. They are bringing technology forward, more than any company ever did. You can see it in every day life: Google. Be it the main place to go for search in the web, be it your (e-)mail or (e-)newspaper, be it your directions and guidance (talking about Google Maps here) or be it your Android powered phone. This company always impresses me. 

Today I found Google Green, an effort of Google to reduce the carbon footprint on their whole hardware architecture. I was, again, positively surprised, even I already guessed Google would do something like this or similiar. Google is always the first doing these kinds of things and others are following later on. 

Thank you Google, please continue.

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