Sick of Beijing

It's finally becoming warmer in Beijing. I really dislike the winter here (and the late autumn and early spring for that matter). The air is totally dry, there is heavy wind from time or time or if there is no wind at all the air is way to smoggy. Additional to that Beijing is very dusty in any season (mostly respirable dust I think).

During this period I am getting sick way too often. Sometimes its just a one-day sickness, feeling uncomfortable and after the night its magically over. Some other times, like the last week, it takes really long. The horrible weather and air is not really helping during this time. 

The summer is the only season which I can stand here. Its pretty hot, though I like it. After coming summer I really would like to leave Beijing for good. I am simply too often sick in and already sick of it. This has nothing to do with China itself. The Beijing environment is simply not good for me or my future.

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