Google I/O 2012 - Sessions I am looking forward to

Google I/O is probably the best Developer conference each year when it comes to new technologies in the web. Since I am in China, I am most likely not able to see the live streams of the conference, but will definitely check out the recordings afterwards.

Apart for the keynote the following are a must to check out for me:



Google TV


Hope I have enough time to enjoy these.

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Even I released django-urli18n already two weeks ago, I didn't find the time to actually announce it. So here it is:

What is django-urli18n?

A reusable Django app to display the current activated language in the URL.


- different ways to show the language in the URL: in the path (for example or in a query string (for example

- simple to use and include into new or existing Django projects

Where to get it?

Check out the project page on Github.

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