Smart TV Apps
Since I changed my job last summer, I also somehow changed the focus of my work. Recently I was working on apps for the next generation Smart TV's.

So far I developed apps on Smart TV's from Samsung, LG and Panasonic, as well as on the Roku set-top box.

For most of it building apps for Smart TV's is like building web mobile apps using a native API. Sadly most of the current devices are not that powerful yet, which means many applications which can possibly run in a web browser might not work to 100% for the TV's.
The first reusable app I released for Django.

It happened that I needed a more generic way to show the current activated language of a Django site in the URL. Before I was always hard-coding it somehow, but I felt this was not the right approach.

django-urli18n is basically using a Middleware to change the given URL, which is explicitly given in the settings. Checkout Github page for more information.
Picnic Big Mouthful
Currently running with the new (but not 100% finished) version of GoScaleCMS is this project: a promotion site for the Picnic chocolate bar.

According to the rules registered users can upload their videos & rate other videos. The best videos either in total or via mini-competitions will be awarded with prices.

One of the main features here is the usage of registration via social services, like Facebook, VKontakte and Google OpenID. We also got the possibility to test the new version if GoScaleCMS on a higher load than usual.
This project was the biggest I was working on so far. Brandspotter is a social media monitoring tool.

I was responsible for a couple components of the project, like a scraping component for social networking profile sites and custom RSS feeds written in Python. After half of the development time I took over team lead for version 1 of this project and worked on Web UI powered by Django and data modeling.

Version 2 of Brandspotter will be released soon, though for most parts I didn't work on it. Ruby took over. :)
Based on GoScale CMS Brandradar was a promotion site for Brandspotter.

I worked on the backend part of this project and added the collective blog application to it.
Farm 2.0
Based on GoScale CMS as well, this was a funny project which let users bet on cows and their milk production when watching TV from normal or Samsung made screens. This project is over now, so there is no working site on the given link.

I was mainly working on the Django backend of it.
GoScale CMS
A Content Management System based on Google App Engine SDK and Django. For most cases it uses third level services like Blogger, Youtube and Picasa to populate content for website build on GoScale CMS.

Since working for I always worked on GoScale CMS on backend and frontend.

At the moment we are actively working on version 2 of it and it is planed to OpenSource it as soon we are done. Second version of GoScale CMS is adding awesome features like content delivered completely via AJAX, a whole bunch of reader-to-use built-in modules, advanced caching, a brand-new admin and better integration with Django and Google App Engine via Django App Engine.
Before and during I learned Django I was working on gadgets development for I made a couple iGoogle Gadgets and a "clone" of the popular "Friends For Sale" Game on Facebook for a Russian social network.