I have it with Eclipse

For around half a year I was using Eclipse instead of Aptana Studio. There were multiple reasons to do so: Aptana was a little buggy in Ubuntu, I wanted to use the ADT Android plugin for Eclipse and installing it in Aptana didn't really work out, I needed the Roku BrightScript plugin for Eclipse as well.

Turned out that Eclipse didn't really make me happy. The bugs in Ubuntu were even worse. Sometimes the whole IDE was simply not working. The Update Manager is horribly buggy. I had to find a completely different download for the IDE in order to make it work. Additionally each time I re-installed Eclipse I had to install all necessary plugins which took quite some time.

Finally I was trying some other IDE's. Some of them I used before, but there are newer versions so I tried them again. I finally switched back to Aptana yesterday due to the advantages listed below. Amongst the other IDE's I tried to use (again) were Komodo Edit (also need to install plugins until ready, very weird indentation rules), jEdit (not really ready to go after install either), Geany (looked promising, disappointed me, apparently also quite buggy in Ubuntu) & Sublime Text Editor (ok, not an IDE, the in-file configuration scared me away). I am not really into these hardcore Linux editors like emacs or vim and like a nice IDE with simple but intuitive design.

So I finally got back to Aptana. The advantages here are: it comes out of the box with all the plugins I need (Web coding,, PyDev, PHP), it slightly simpler than Eclipse, it has built-in browsing to terminal & file browser (which was simply missing in Eclipse), git integration, easy theming, etc.. Additionally they fixed the bugs which were annoying me half a year ago.

If some Android development comes up again I might switch back to Eclipse just for this. For everything else I stay with Aptana for now.

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Google I/O 2012 - Sessions I am looking forward to

Google I/O is probably the best Developer conference each year when it comes to new technologies in the web. Since I am in China, I am most likely not able to see the live streams of the conference, but will definitely check out the recordings afterwards.

Apart for the keynote the following are a must to check out for me:



Google TV


Hope I have enough time to enjoy these.

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Kony 2012


Last night I watched Kony 2012. This short movie has currenlty nearly 80 million views on YouTube. The video is one of the many efforts to make Joseph Kony famous in order to force the international community to put and end to his crimes. This is post to share the effort and spread the word. Also is shows how new media is changing how the world is working and how each one of us is able to make a difference and change history.

Here is the video (YouTube copy):

And for everybody who is in China (Tudou copy):

Please share: http://www.kony2012.com/

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Google is awesome

I think most people agree with me in that: Google is an awesome company with a great philosophy.

And yes, sometimes Google's actions seem a little questionable, like acquiring Motorola Mobile recently or seeming to do a total monitoring of our search behaviour. Though I am sure of it and the past did show that: Google just have good intentions!

Without Google the internet wouldn't be like it is today, the world would not be like it is today. They are bringing technology forward, more than any company ever did. You can see it in every day life: Google. Be it the main place to go for search in the web, be it your (e-)mail or (e-)newspaper, be it your directions and guidance (talking about Google Maps here) or be it your Android powered phone. This company always impresses me. 

Today I found Google Green, an effort of Google to reduce the carbon footprint on their whole hardware architecture. I was, again, positively surprised, even I already guessed Google would do something like this or similiar. Google is always the first doing these kinds of things and others are following later on. 

Thank you Google, please continue.

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Fixing sluggish Ubuntu

There are probably a bunch of articles about this out there, but I just realized it today. 

I am using Ubuntu now for over a year as my main OS for work. I am generally very satisfied with it, since it offers a lot of tools for development and also got a great UI. Another plus is that knowing Ubuntu helps me a lot dealing with servers and setting them up for serving web apps. 

On Ubuntu Desktop (currently 11.04) I got an annoying problem though. Usually Ubuntu reacts relatively fast, though after operiting with it for some hours and slows down a lot, even sometimes stops reacting for some seconds. This mainly happens when I am opening a new program or sometimes if I just open a new tab in Chrome. 
I was wondering what the problem was for some time. First I thought it had to do with Unity, since I can't remember that I had this problem a lot in the older GNOME environment. So my first attempts to google the problem were Unity related and didn't really result in better performance (1).
Today I simply guessed it had to with the Swap space and how Ubuntu swap out memory into it. Surprisingly I was right in the end and changing some default values in some config for Ubuntu did the trick (2). For some reason there is value called swappiness set which determine how often Ubuntu swaps out memory into swap space. The default in Ubuntu is somewhat ridiculous for most desktop PC's (it is set to 60, the range would be from 0-100). So here are the steps how to change the default:

Open the configuration file to edit the swappiness:

gksudo gedit /etc/sysctl.conf

Change the value or add this line (a value of 10 is recommended by the Ubuntu Community):



That's all there is to it. Now my computer is snorring like a cat and many programs nearly open immediately.
I am somehow surprised that the default value for Ubuntu's Desktop Edition is set so high. 


1 http://mygeekopinions.blogspot.com/2011/07/how-to-make-ubuntu-unity-desktop-run.html
2 https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq#What is swappiness and how do I change it?

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