Welcome back.

Doubting there are any anymore, but the avid readers might wonder what is this. The URL did not change, but it kind of looks different. And yes, I am still owning the same domain. Here is what this looked before:

Lots has happened since I kind of stopped writing on my old blog. This was about 6 years ago. My wife and I just moved to Germany from China and she was pregnant with our son. Three years later we also moved to Australia, after we did not enjoy life back in my home country. Australia is great for our small multi-cultural family. There are a few things bugging me here as well, but no they are mostly small. No place is perfect.

Because of the different experiences in recent years I kind of wanted to get started writing a blog again. It helps me to digest information and flush ideas out. This will be different that before. I will likely focus much less on tech or software development related topics and additionally write about topics like personal finance, books I am reading, travel, family and potentially many more. Basically it will be about lots of the things crossing my mind, a life experience blog if you want so.

Regardless, before I finish up the introduction post, here are some other reasons why I decided to not continue my existing blog. For once it is based on a pretty outdated codebase, which I wrote by myself quite a while ago. Secondly I am fed up with Heroku's last changes to the free dyno hours. I will pretty much get a prompt twice a month that I am running out of hours. Independently I want something easy to manage, so I can focus on writing rather than maintaining.

That's it! Happy reading (hopefully more than every couple years :)